In 2003, our company was founded in Taiwan. We started as an OEM supplier. So far, it has been more than ten years in medical products manufacturing. Recently our subsidiary, Hou Sheng Global Co.,Ltd , is the window for international trading. We feel really confident to ourselves; Hou Sheng has plenty of medical manufacturing experience and excellent producing equipment to support us to make high quality products.

We involve each stage from product research and development、mold development、manufacturing、packing、exportation and domestic trading. Because of the characteristics of products, they should be produced in an extreme clean space. Therefore, we could provide qualified products for public. We have great confidence to our products which allow users to get a comfortable and quality guaranteed life.

In these years, we have expanded our production line, such as the factory of knitting products. It produces wonderful orthopedic support series. The production line enlarges our serving range to more people. Made with integrity and honest, and using anti- allergy material, our orthopedic support series reaches the highest quality. Now, Hou Sheng still tries its best to develop multiple researches, hope it could provide more completely service to public. Recently, our own brand, Great Care, is newly launched in the medical market. It is a great opportunity for us to be better known by the public. Great Care leads us to extend our business boundary and outreach to the international markets.

Great Care presents our goal directly and clearly: It is to create a beautiful and easy life with our users, and provides the greatest support and protection. While using our products, they could feel our mission: Stay Healthy; Stay Light; Stay Fresh.

With many years manufacturing experience, Hou Sheng has a professional and excellent production team. We are pretty sure that we possess the technology and skills to do the customized service. In order to satisfy the multiple needs and requirement, we can offer special custom-made goods beside our original product series. That will allow the products to have more flexible developing space and create a double win situation to both customers and the producer. We feel really confident and pride, that we could provide high quality of customize service to our partners.

Now, we are looking for the agencies and provide silicone , cutting and sewing OEM service, if you are interested to us, we are really pleased to contact with you. Through our cooperation, hope we can create a win- win situation.